Fontana Nova Tarquinia

The Fontana Nova is a 12th century fountain in the historic center of Tarquinia. The original name of the fountain was Fontana Antica.

Fontana Nova Tarquinia

Useful information

The address of the “New Fountain” is Via della Fontana Nuova – 01016 Tarquinia.

History and description

Fontana Nova Tarquinia
Fontana Nova

The Fontana Nova consists of a large basin covered with a barrel vault. At the front, six arches can be seen that rest on thick, rather ungainly columns with capitals decorated with leaf motifs.

On the wall, which is about 2 meters from the rocks behind the monument, there were six spouts from which emerged. It is not clear where the water eventually came from.

The fountain dates back to the time of Pope Honorius II (12th century) and is as old as the nearby Santa Maria in Castello Church. From what was the center of Tarquinia at the time, people walked through the Porta Falsa (or Porta del Fiore) along a ridge on Via Coperta to the city’s water source.

Its original name was Fontana Antica, but when it was restored in the late 14th century, it was renamed Fontana Nova.

In 1545 the fountain was entrusted to the guilds of shoemakers and gardeners on the condition that they would ensure that the fountain was kept clean and in good working order.

Around the 16th/17th century a water storage tank was built to the left of the fountain. This then fell into disrepair and, also because the Porta Falsa was closed, was no longer used.

Towards the end of the last century, the fountain was restored to its former glory.

Fontana Nova, Tarquinia

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