Forum Holitorium Rome

The Forum Holitorium (or Holitorium) was that part of ancient Rome where the vegetable market used to be held. The exact position was a small square between the Theater of Marcellus, the old harbour on the Tiber and the Capitol Hill. Nowadays the registry office of Rome has its seat there.

Forum Holitorium Rome

Address, opening hours and admission

Address: Via del Teatro di Marcello – Rome. What is left of the monument can only be viewed from outside.

History and description

Three temples, dedicated to Janus, Spes and Juno Sospita, stood in the square and are nowadays incorporated in the San Nicola in Carcere Church. There was also a fourth temple, which was dedicated to Pietas, but this one was demolished in order to create space for the construction of the Theater of Marcellus.

Excavations carried out in the Piazza di Monte Savello unearthed an enormous white marble plinth sculptured with scenes referring to the myth of Hercules. Parts of the ruins of the temples of Apollo and Bellona were also found.

Unfortunately there is not much left of the original Forum Olitorium.

Via del Teatro di Marcello – Rome

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