Fountain of the Cannonballs Rome

The Fountain of Cannonballs is located in the Via di Porta Castello in the Borgo district of Rome. It is one of the fountains designed in 1927 by Pietro Lombardi. Each one of these was supposed to be symbolic of the neighborhood in which they are located.

Fountain of the Cannonballs Rome

History and description

Fountain of the Cannonballs Rome
Fountain of the Cannonballs

The Fontana delle Palle di Cannone is located under a semicircular arch made of travertine marble. At its center is the coat of arms of the city of Rome.

The monument consists of a mask placed in the center of a pyramid of stone cannonballs. This is a reference to the nearby Castel Sant’Angelo.

The tub into which the water falls used to serve as a watering place for horses.

The Fountain of the Cannonballs belongs to a group of fountains erected in 1927 in the various districts of Rome. These fountains were all in one way or another symbolic of the neighborhood where they stood. Examples include the Fontana delle Anfore (for the Testaccio district), the Fontana delle Arti, the Fontana delle Tiare, the Fontana dei Libri, the Fontana della Pigna, the Fontana dei Monti, the Fontana della Botte and the Fontana del Timone. The designer of these fountains was Pietro Lombardi.

The Fountain of the Cannonballs (plural) should not be confused with the Fountain of the Cannonball (singular) in the Viale di Trinità dei Monti.

Fountain of the Cannonballs, Rome

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