Fountain of the Jug Rome

The so-called Fountain of the Jug (Fontana del Boccale) is located in the Via Nicola Zabaglia in the Testaccio neighborhood of Rome. The jug was chosen as a symbol for the amphoras that used to arrive here and the accumulated shards of which ended up forming the Monte Testaccio.

Fountain of the Jug Rome

The fountain and the jug are in the center of a small semicircle on top of a brick foundation of multicolored  earthenware.

The fountain was created by Raffaele de Vico, in 1931. De Vico was also responsible for a restructuring of the entire Testaccio neighborhood, which is now one of Rome’s most popular districts.

There are four marble columns around the basin itself and the jug is made of red marble from Vicenza. A bas-relief branch with roses can be seen on the jug.

Fountain of the Jug, Rome

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