Piazza Aracoeli Fountain Rome

The Piazza d’Aracoeli Fountain can be found in the square of the same name, near the Piazza Venezia and the Vittorio Emanuele Monument in the rione Sant’Angelo in the center of Rome.

Piazza Aracoeli Fountain Rome

History and description

Piazza Aracoeli Fountain Rome
Top part of the fountain.

The fountain was created by Giacomo Della Porta during the reign of Pope Sixtus V Peretti. The actual work was carried out by Andrea Brasca, Pietro Gucci and Pace Naldini.

It is characterized by four putti pouring water from amphorae into a basin below. This basin is now circular, but was oval until a restoration in the 19th century.

The Santi Venanzio and Ansovino Church that used to face the fountain was destroyed in order to create space for a new road.

Fontana di Piazza dell’Aracoeli Rome

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