Piazza Colonna Fountain Rome

The Fountain of Piazza Colonna, as the name indicates, can be found on the Piazza Colonna, just off the Via del Corso, in the historical center of Rome.

Piazza Colonna Fountain Rome

History and description

Piazza Colonna Fountain Rome
Piazza Colonna Fountain

The Piazza Colonna Fountain was commissioned by Pope Gregory XIII Boncompagni, designed by Giacomo della Porta and sculpted by Rocco de Rossi.

The Piazza Colonna Fountain was designed by Giacomo della Porta in 1576. This occurred almost immediately after the construction of the square with the Column of Marcus Aurelius.

A minor restoration took place in 1656, overseen by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

The fountain is oval in shape. The sides are alternately slightly concave and convex. The rim of the basin is decorated with lion heads.

A more extensive restoration took place in 1681. Under the direction of Giovan Battista Contini, some of the lion heads were replaced and the octagonal star (the coat of arms of Pope Clement XI Albani) was added.

When the fountain was constructed, one had to climb five steps to get there. The street level is now much higher and those steps have been removed.

In 1832, Achille Stocchi replaced the central basin with a larger version. Dolphins and shells were also added to the ends. This was part of a larger project that included the widening of the Via del Corso.

The fountain gets its water from the Acqua Vergine Aqueduct.

Piazza Colonna – Rome

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