Piazza Nicosia Fountain Rome

The Fountain of Piazza Nicosia was the first fountain to be constructed in Rome after the Acquedotto Vergine had been restored and reactivated.

Piazza Nicosia Fountain Rome

History and description

The Piazza Nicosia Fountain was designed by Giacomo della Porta and originally embellished the obelisk in the Piazza del Popolo. When the architect Valadier was commissioned to re-design this square in 1823, he judged it to be too small in size for the Piazza del Popolo and had it taken away.

In the mid-19th century the fountain was partly rebuilt in its present spot in the Piazza Nicosia. Partly, because only the marble, octagonal basin was rebuilt. The baluster and the upper basin were constructed later.

Four squatting tritons were also created for the Piazza Nicosia Fountain, but the proportions turned out to be wrong and they now adorn the Fountain of the Moor in Piazza Navona.

Piazza Nicosia – Rome

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