Fountain of the Pine Cone Rome

The Fountain of the Pine Cone (Fontana della Pigna) is a small fountain located in front of the Basilica of Saint Mark in Rome.

Fountain of the Pine Cone Rome

History and description

Fountain of the Pine Cone Rome
Fountain of the Pine Cone

The fountain of the Pine Cone is part of a series of fountains that were commissioned by the city of Rome and created in 1927 by Pietro Lombardi. Each one of the fountains was to symbolize in some way the district of the city it was placed in and hence a pine cone (pigna in Italian) was chosen for the rione Pigna.

The Fontana della Pigna is made of travertine marble and consists of two tulip petals that support a pine cone. The water flows into two basins held up by four columns.

Other fountains that were made by Lombardi and are part of the same project are the Fountain of the Amphorae, the Fountain of the Books, the Fountain of the Artists, the Fountain of the Tiaras, the Fountain of the Cannon Balls, the Fontana dei Monti, the Fountain of the Barrel and the Fountain of the Rudder.

There is another Pine Cone Fountain in the Vatican City.

Fountain of the Pine Cone Rome

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