Fountain of the Tiaras Rome

The Fountain of the Tiaras (Fontana delle Tiare) is located in the Largo del Colonnato, a small square in Rome‘s Borgo district. It is one of the fountains created in 1927 that were supposed to symbolize the neighborhood in which they were located.

Fountain of the Tiaras Rome

History and description

Fontein van de Tiara's Rome
Fontein van de Tiara’s

The Fountain of the Tiaras is located to the right of the opening created in 1933 in the walls of the so-called Passetto di Borgo. It was constructed in 1927 by Pietro Lombardo. The Tiara Fountain was part of a project to provide each one of Rome’s rioni with a fountain symbolizing the main activity of the district.

Although the Fontana delle Tiare is located in the Borgo district, it does not actually refer to the rione itself, but to the Vatican City. The fountain that represents the district itself is the Fountain of Cannonballs.

Above a solid three-part foundation, there are three semi-circular, shell-shaped tubs that collect the water. This falls from three pipes protruding from the upper part of three keys of St. Peter. Above these are three papal tiaras, surmounte by a fourth one. In the spaces between the keys are the coats of arms of the rione Borgo and of the city of Rome.

Fountain of the Tiaras, Rome

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