Fontana del Tritone Rome

The Fontana del Tritone (Triton Fountain) is rightly considered to be one of the most beautiful ones of its kind in Rome. It can be found on the Piazza Barberini and was constructed in 1643, by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, who used travertine marble for his creation. After a restoration that took almost a year, as of November 20th, 2013 the fountain of the Triton can now be admired again.

Fontana del Tritone

Fontana del Tritone
Not a bad little Triton, huh?

The Triton that gives the sculpture its name is seated on a shell, lifted up by four dolphins. Between the tails of the dolphins the coat of arms of the Barberini family (bees), who, in the person of Pope Urban VIII, commissioned the sculpture, can be seen.

The Triton is depicted as blowing into a conch, but instead of sound a jet of water comes out. This water came from the old Acqua Felice aqueduct, which had been restored by Urban VIII.

The theme of the sculpture was taken from Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

Due to its location, in the middle of a heavily trafficked square, in the past century it has been found necessary to restore the Fontana del Tritone three times (in 1932, in 1990 and in 2013).

Fontana del Tritone, Piazza Barberini, Rome

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