Via di San Vito Fountain Rome (Fontana dei Monti)

The small Fountain in the Via di San Vito in Rome is one of a number of fountains designed by the architect P. Lombardi in the year 1927. It is also know under the name Fontana dei Monti.

Via di San Vito Fountain Rome

History and description

Fountain Via di San Vito Rome
Via San Vito Fountain

In 1927, Lombardi was commissioned to provide fountains for various districts (rioni) of Rome. The only criterion was that the fountains in some way had to refer to a characteristic of the neighbourhood in question.

Although located in the Esquilino district, the Fontanella di San Vito represents the rione Monti and its design dutifully consists of four mountains (monti) on top of one another. The mountains themselves are embellished with stars.

The Fontana dei Monti stands along a side wall of the Santi Vito e Modesto Church. Thanks to a stepped elevation, it stands slightly above street level. The decorations on the fountain refer to the coat of arms of the Monti district. The three hills with stars refer to Esquilino, Viminale and Celio, which belonged to the first version of the district. From the three bullet-shaped “hills”, the water falls into three tubs.

Other examples of these fountains include Fontana delle Anfore, Fontana delle Arti, Fontana delle Tiare, Fontana dei Libri, Fontana delle Palle di Cannone, Fontana della Pigna, Fontana della Botte and Fontana del Timone.

Via di San Vito – Rome

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