Funicular between Como and Brunate

The funicular between Como and Brunate is one of the oldest of its kind in Italy. The ride offers spectacular panoramic views over both the city of the famous lake of Como. Once in Brunate, it is easy to understand how the city acquired the “Balcony of the Alps” nickname.

Funicular Como-Brunate

Useful information

Departure point Como: Piazza A. De Gasperi. Departure point Brunate: Piazza A. Bonacossa. Opening times: From 06:00 till 22:30; Saturdays from 06:00 till 24:00; summertime every day from 06:00 till 24:00. Ticket price: 3,10 Euros single: 5,70 Euros return. (Note that opening times and admission may be subject to change.)

View of Como from Brunate
Como seen from the Piazza Belvedere in Brunate.

History and description

The funiculare Como-Brunate was inaugurated in 1894. The trip starts in a gallery, but then continues its steep climb up the mountain with a gorgeous view of the surrounding area.

The total length of the trip is 1084 meters. When you arrive in Brunate, you will be around 500 meters higher than you were at the start of the voyage. The maximum gradient is 55%. For most of the trip, there is only one track. It is only in the central part that this track splits up, so that two carriage can travel at the same time.

What to see

The view from Brunate includes Como, the entire lake, the surrounding countryside and the Alps with the Monviso and Monte Rosa mountain tops.

Piazza A. Buonacossa, Como

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