Galata Maritime Museum Genoa

The Galata Museo del Mare in Genoa is the largest maritime museum in the Mediterranean. The seat of the museum is the oldest building still standing near the city’s former shipping dock, the Darsena. In addition to life-size models of old ships, one can experience what it is like to arrive as a poor emigrant in the America of the last century.

Galata Maritime Museum Genoa

Useful information

Galata Maritime Museum Genoa
Galata Maritime Museum

Address: Calata de Mari, 1 – 16126 Genova. Phone: +39 0102345655. Opening hours: From 10:00 to 19:30. From November to February, the museum closes as early as 18.00 on weekdays. Closed: Monday. Entrance fee museum: 10 Euro (children 4-12: 7 Euro; children 0-3: Free). Museum + submarine: 17 Euros (children 4-12: 12 Euros; children 0-3: Free). Aquarium + museum + submarine: 38 Euros (children 4-12: 23 Euros; children 0-3: Free). Aquarium + museum + submarine + Tropical Garden + Antarctic Museum + Biosfera + Bigo Panoramic Lift: 49 Euro (children 4-12: 29 Euro; children 0-3: Free).

History and description

The building was completely renovated in the year 2000 by Spanish architect Guillermo Vasquéz Consuegro, whose futuristic design was chosen from among a total of 48 different projects. The original palace had been built between 1599 and 1610. He had a glass structure erected around the original building to create a lot of retail space.

The museum itself has a collection of six thousand objects, highlighting the history of the port of Genoa.

What to see

One of the highlights is a meticulous reconstruction of a 17th century Genovese galley. It is further possible to visit the parts of the old Arsenal, as well as the armory of the Darsena.

With the help of multimedia, atlases from the 16th century can be viewed. One can also enter a 19th century pirate ship and experience a virtual journey around a stormy Cape Horn.

In the Sala del Piroscafo, one can sail around the world at the helm of a steamship. The special exhibition “La Merica” shows what it was like to emigrate to America in the 20th century.

In 2010, it became possible to visit the submarine Nazario Sauro. It is located in the basin in front of the museum.

Galata Maritime Museum Genoa

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