Galleria Sabauda Turin

The Galleria Sabauda is a museum in Turin with a collection collected by the ancient Italian royal house of Savoy. This art museum displays mainly Flemish and local Piedmontese paintings.

Galleria Sabauda Turin

Opening Hours, Admission and Address

The seat of the Galleria Sabauda is the Manica Nuova di Palazzo Reale – Via XX Settembre, 86 – Torino (Tel. +39 0115641729 or 0115641731). It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 08:30 to 19:30 (closed Monday; closed January 1, May 1, August 15, December 25). The entrance fee is 12 Euro (6 Euro with discount) and applies to both the Galleria Sabauda itself and the Palazzo Reale (where the ticket office is), the Armeria Reale and the Museo di Antichità.

History and Description

Passion of teh Christ (Memling, Galleria Sabauda Turin)
“Passion of the Christ”, Memling.

The history of the pinacotheque began in 1497 when the Savoys brought together all their antique works of art. Initially, the paintings were hung in the hallway that connected the Royal Palace to the Palazzo Madama. However, after several fires, it was decided not to reconstruct this hall anymore.

In 1832, the Reale Galleria (Royal Gallery) was inaugurated by Carlo Alberto. To the original collection of 365 paintings, many Flemish and Dutch works in particular were later added.

In 1860 the collection was appropriated by the newly formed state and moved to Via Accademia delle Scienze. It is only as of 2012 that the gallery is situated at its current address.

Galleria Sabaudia highlights

Apart from the Flemish and Dutch artworks, there are especially many paintings by the Piedmontese school.

“Madonna with Child and Saints ” by Andrea Mantegna.

“The Last Supper” by Paolo Veronese.

“The Stigmata of Saint Francis” by Jan van Eyck.

“The Passion of Christ” by Hans Memling (1470).

Galleria Sabauda, Turin

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