Gardens of Augustus and Via Krupp Capri

The Gardens of Augustus are located a short walk from Capri‘s main square. Until the early 20th century, they were part of the estate of a wealthy German called Alfred Krupp. From the gardens, a beautiful walking path named after Krupp leads downhill.

Gardens of Augustus Capri

Address, opening hours and entrance fee

The address of the Gardens of Augustus is Via Krupp, Capri. Opening hours: From April to October from 09:00 to 19:30; from November to March from o9:00 to 15:00. Entrance fee: 1 Euro; free for children under 11. Combined ticket: Giardini di Augusto + Certosa di San Giacomo: 5 Euro. The gardens are a short walk from the city’s main square. From the Piazzetta, first follow Via Vittorio Emanuele, then Via Federico Serena and finally Via Matteotti.

History and description

The Gardens of Augustus have existed under their current name since 1918. They are dedicated to the emperor Octavian Augustus. Originally they were owned by the German Friedrich Alfred Krupp, who had his country house built here.

Throughout the park are neoclassical statues, including a monument to Lenin by Giacomo Manz├╣. Incidentally, Capri was for a time a place of exile for Russian intellectuals.

The various pine trees, palms, holm oaks and junipers provide shade.

From the beautiful terraces of the estate one overlooks the bay of the Marina Piccola, the Faraglioni, the Monte Solaro and the Via Krupp.

Via Krupp Capri

Via Krupp capri
Via Krupp Capri

When you look down from the garden you can see the Via Krupp winding its way down. This pine-framed stone path ends at the beaches of Marina Piccola. Like the gardens themselves, the walkway was commissioned by Krupp. The reason was that his boat was docked below and he wanted a quick one from the Hotel Quisisana, where he usually stayed, to the harbor. The design and construction were in the hands of the architect Emilio Mayer. The path has a length of 1364 meters.

The side paths, which lead to the Grotta del Castiglione, the Arsenal, and other sights, are not accessible to tourists.

Gardens of Augustus & Via Krupp, Capri