Gesù Nazareno all’Argentina Church Rome

The Gesù Nazareno all’Argentina Church is a small church in Via dei Barbieri in Rome, near the Largo di Torre Argentina. The church is only open on Sundays and religious holiday, for a brief period right after mass.

Gesù Nazareno all’Argentina Church

Useful information

Gesù Nazareno all'Argentina Church Rome
Gesu Nazareno all’Esquilino Church

The address of the Chiesa di Gesù Nazareno all’Argentina is Via dei Barbieri, 22/a (tel. +39 066865259). Bus: 8, 30, 40, 46, 62, 63, 64, 70, 87, 119, 130, 186, 190, 271, 492, 571, 630, 780. Opening hours: During Sundays and holidays one hour before and after Mass. Entrance fee: Free.

History and Description

The Chiesa di Gesù Nazareno all’Argentina was originally called the Chiesa di’ Filonardi or the Chiesa del Crocifisso.

It was also dedicated to the Santissima Trinità (“Most Holy Trinity”).

In an adjacent building, Franciscans of the Third Order used to live.

In the 16th century the church came into the hands of the Barbers’ Guild and, after a reconstructio in 1622, was dedicated to Saints Cosma and Damiano.

Between 1722 and 1724, a new, almost total reconstruction took place.

After being deconsecrated in 1870, the church was given to the Archconfraternity of Gesù Nazareno in 1896, after which it received its current name.

What to see

A “Sant’Elena” attributed to Pomarancio is on display.

The adjacent cloister is graced with a “Santa Caterina d’Alessandria” painted by Cavalier d’Arpino.

Gesù Nazareno all’Argentina Church

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