Gesuati Church Venice

The Santa Maria del Rosario Church in Venice is also called the Chiesa dei Gesuati. Thanks to its picturesque location, it is one of the most famous churches in the city. Its main attraction is the ceiling painted by Tiepolo.

Gesuati Church Venice (Santa Maria del Rosario)

Address, opening hours and admission

Gesuati Church Venice
Gesuati Church

Address : Fondamenta delle Zattere ai Gesuati – Venice (tel. +39 041 2750462). Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 10:00 to 17:00. Closed: Sunday, January 1, Easter, August 15, December 25. Admission: 3 Euro (discount: 1,50 Euro). Public transportation: Lines 1, 2, N (Accademia stop).

History and description

After the Order of the Gesuati was banned in 1668, the Gesuati Church was entrusted to the Domenican Order. This order had the church, although it kept its old name, completely renovated.

The architect in charge of this renovation, which lasted from 1724 to 1736, was Giorgio Massari. He used the Palladio-designed Redentore Church across the canal as an inspiration for his project. The old, much smaller church, incidentally, remained standing alongside the new construction.

The church is considered one of the best examples of an 18th century monastic complex. Massari, who was responsible for both the facade and the interior, did have the help of Giambattista Tiepolo and Gianmaria Morlaiter.

The three ceiling paintings were created by Tiepolo. They depict successively “The Apparition of the Virgin to San Domenico”, ” The Institute of the Rosario” and the “Glory vna San Domenico”.

Other works of art in the church were created by Giambattista Piazzetta, Sebastiano Ricci and the already mentioned Gianmaria Morlaiter, among others.

Jacopo Tintoretto painted the “Crucifixion,” which was already on display in the first church and was restored by Piazzetta at the transition to the current site.

Fondamenta delle Zattere ai Gesuati – Venice

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