Giuliano Dalmata District Rome

Giuliano Dalmato is the 31st quartiere of Rome and is situated in the southern part of the Eternal City. The original inhabitants of the district were construction workers employed in the nearby EUR district.

Giuliano Dalmata District Rome (Q.XXXI)

History and description

The district now known as Giuliano Dalmata started out as the Villaggio Operaio E42 and was created to house the workers employed for the construction of the Esposizione Universale di Roma. When the war broke out the workers fled. During the remainder of the war the Allied soldiers stayed there. After the departure of the troops the area was left abandoned.

In 1947 a number of refugees from Venezia Giulia took up their residence in the quartiere and the name was changed to Villaggio Giuliano. Eight years after that refugees from Dalmata followed suit, which led to the present name of the district.

Of course this did not stop the Romans from giving the quartiere its own name and Giuliano Dalmato is generally referred to as either Laurentina or Cecchignola.

For tourists Giuliano Dalmato is not really of any interest.

Public transportation

The last stop on underground line B, Laurentina, is in the Giuliano Dalmato district.

Giuliano Dalmata District Rome (Q.XXXI)

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