Gothic House Tivoli

Although there are older houses in the Via del Colle in Tivoli, the one known as the “Gothic House” is the most striking of them all. The oldest part of the building dates back to the 12th century.

Gothic House Tivoli

Address, opening hours and entrance fee

Gothic House Tivoli
Gothic House

Address: Via del Colle, 59-77 – 00019 – Tivoli (tel. +39 ). Opening hours: Unknown. Entrance fee: Unknown.

History and description

The Via della Colle is among the oldest streets in Tivoli and is characterized by a succession of a number of late medieval houses.

The most beautiful and famous one of these houses is the so-called Casa Gotica (“Gothic House”), built in the 13th century.

In reality, the Casa Gotica consists of a number of buildings, the oldest one of which was erected towards the end of the 12th century next to the current courtyard.

In the 14th century, these buildings probably came into the hands of a single owner, who then united them. This led to many renovations. Among other things, the heights of the floors needed to be adapted to each other.

The lower floor was used as a shop space in those days.

The most striking feature of this house is the profferlo, as the exterior staircase is called. This leads to a balcony, underneath which there is a picturesque arch. The profferlo is made of different types of stone. It is the only house in Tivoli to have such a staircase, which is especially common in Viterbo.

The battlements with their marble supports are also very striking.

Gothic House, Tivoli

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  1. Beth Krambule says:

    We visited the home being restored that was open to the public this weekend. We met the woman doing the restoration. We discussed the painting on the wall. I shared the painting with a friend who thinks it is of a Passover Seder due to all of the wine as each person is to have 4 cups of wine.


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