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Graffignano is a small town of more than 2000 inhabitants about 20 kilometers north of Viterbo on the border with Umbria. The historical center looks out over the Valle del Tevere. Main attractions are the castles in Graffignano itself and in the suburb of Sipicciano.

All about Graffignano

Tourist information

Province: Viterbo. Region: Lazio. ZIP code: 01020. Dialing code: 0761. The address of the city hall is Piazza del Comune, 10. There is no tourist office. Frazioni (suburbs): Pisciarello, Sipicciano, Tardani.

By car/public transportation

From Viterbo by car: Follow the SP5. From Rome: Take the highway (E35). There are Co.Tra.L bus connections from and to Orvieto and Viterbo. The nearest railway station is in Alviano (6 km). There is also a small station in the suburb of Sipicciano.

A brief history of Graffignano

Castello Baglioni Graffignano
Castello Baglioni

The area where present day Graffignano is located, was already inhabited by the Etruscans and, later, the Romans. The first documents mentioning the present city date back to the Middle Ages. It is known that Graffignano was the property of the Baglioni family from Orvieto. In 1282 it came in the hands of Viterbo. During the 14th century the city the, originally German. family known as the Prefetti di Vico held the feud of Graffignano. After the Pope returned from Avignon, the city was however returned to the Baglioni. This was a kind of reward, since the Baglioni had taken the Pope’s side against their predecessors. The Baglioni kept remained in power till the 17th century. In 1669 the city became a feud of the Borromeo family and in 1741 it was the turn of a Roman aristocrat called Scipione Publicola Santa Croce.

Tourist attractions

The 13th century Castello Baglioni towers over the rest of the village. The most striking feature of this castle is the 23 meter tall round tower with its spiral staircase.

in the San Martino Church you can admire a gilded wooden bust with the relics of the saint and a painting depicting San Carlo Borromeo. There is also a copy of Guido Reni’s “San Filippo Neri”.

The Madonna di Castellonchio Sanctuary is located two kilometers outside the center. Its biggest attractions is a 4 century old fresco depicting the Madonna, which is supposed to have miraculous properties.

The suburb of Sipicciano has its own castle.

Events and festivals

No information available.

Graffignano, Province of Viterbo

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