Historic buildings Assisi

Most of the important historical buildings in Assisi are ecclesiastical in nature. Nevertheless, some civic buildings are definitely worth a visit, including the castle and the town hall.

Historic buildings Assisi

Palazzo dei Priori

Historic buildings Assisi - Palazzo dei Priori

The Palazzo dei Priori is located in the city’s central square Piazza del Comune. Its main function is that of town hall, but the tourist office is also located in the building. The Pinacotheque of Assisi, which also used to have its seat here in the early 20th century, was moved to the Palazzo Vallemani.

Rocca Maggiore

Rocca Maggiore Assisi

The Rocca Maggiore is the the biggest castle of Assisi. It was built in 1367 by Cardinal Albornoz, who used the pre-existing, imperial residence of Federico Barbarossa as the foundation. It’s quite a climb, but the persistent will be rewarded with a breathtaking view over Assisi itself and surroundings.

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