Historic buildings Brescia

Brescia‘s most famous historic buildings are the Palazzo Broletto in the Piazza del Duomo and the Palazzo della Loggia in the square of the same name. However, along the main streets of the city there are several other interesting mansions dating from the 16th to the 18th century.

Historic Buildings Brescia

Palazzo Broletto

The Palazzo Broletto is the oldest public building in Brescia. It was built in several phases, from the Middle Ages to the 17th century. The Torre del Popolo and the so-called Loggia delle Grida are part of the palace. The last addition was the portico on the north side. Today it is the seat of a number of municipal as well as provincial offices.

Palazzo della Loggia

The Palazzo della Loggia is located in the square of the same name. It was designed in 1574 by the architect Tommaso Formentone. The white marble facade is characterized by a loggia supported by columns. The pendentives are decorated with busts of Roman emperors. The Salone Vanvitelliano was designed by the architect Vanvitelli (“Van Wittel”), who was originally Dutch, and frescoed by Cresseri. Today the Palazzo della Loggia is the seat of the city council.

Monte di Pietà

The Monte di Pietà is also located in the Piazza della Loggia and was also designed by Filippino de’ Grassi. It consists of two identical buildings, which are connected by a Venetian-style arch. Some Roman objects found during excavations were used as decoration.

Palazzo Vescovile

The Palazzo Vescovile (Via Trieste, 13) houses various works of art from churches in the diocese. It is also the seat of the Biblioteca Queriniana, which was built between 1746 and 1749 by Giovan Battista Marchetti on behalf of Bishop Angelo Maria Querini. Among the book illuminations on display there is an Evangelarium from the 5th century.