Historical buildings Arezzo

The historic center of Arezzo is packed with magnificent medieval and Renaissance buildings. The most impressive below are along the central square, Piazza Grande.

Historical buildings Arezzo

Palazzo dei Priori

Palazzo dei Priori - Historical buildingsArezzo

The Palazzo dei Priori is located in the Piazza della LibertĂ , which sits on a hill in the center of the city. It is also known as Palazzo Comunale. Built in the 14th century, it is the seat of the city’s town hall.

Palazzo delle Logge

Palazzo delle Logge Arezzo

The Palazzo delle Logge is located on the highest side of the sloping central Piazza Grande. It was designed by Vasari in the 16th century. To make its construction possible, the entire square needed to be altered.

Palazzo Pretorio

Palazzo Pretorio - Historic buildings Arezzo

The Palazzo Pretorio is located in the Via dei Pileati. It consists of several buildings that have been combined into one large complex. The coats of arms on the facade show the importance of the palace during the Middle Ages.

Palazzo della FraternitĂ  dei Laici

The Palazzo della Fraternita dei Laici (Piazza Grande) is half Gothic (built in 1375 by the Florentines Baldino di Cino e Niccolò di Francesco) and half Renaissance (by Rossellino, in 1433). The “brotherhood of the laity” after which the palace is named was founded in 1262.

Palazzo Lappoli

Palazzo Lappoli is actually composed of a number of different buildings of varying heights, seemingly held together by a wooden gallery.

Palazzo Cofani-Brizzolari

The Palazzo Cofani-Brizzolari is a casa-torre (“tower house”). The Torre Faggiolana was originally a stand-alone structure and was only added to the house later. The building was restored in the 1930s.

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