House of Romulus Rome

The House of Romulus (Casa Romuli) is located on the western slope of the Palatine Hill in Rome. It is one of a number of huts that were discovered here in 1946. Holes along its circumference indicate where the walls and the doors were. Apart from its foundations not much is left of the original hut.

House of Romulus Rome

Address, opening hours and admission

The Casa di Romolo is part of the excavations on the Palatine Hill. For address, opening hours and admission, see our page with practical information about the Colosseum.

History and description

Hut of Romulus Rome
Probable Foundation of the Hut of Romulus

According to legend Romulus founded Rome in the year 753 BC. He is thought to have live in a hut on the south-western slope of the hill. In 1946 several huts dating back to this period were excavated in this area. The period can be deduced by comparing the finds with funerary urns found in the Roman Forum.

There is not much more left of these huts than the foundations, which were dug out in the tuff stone ground. A small ditch prevented rainwater from entering the houses.

The biggest of the huts is oval in shape and measures approximately 4 by 3,50 meters. Six round holes can be seen at the sides of the hut. Together with a hole in its middle these contained the poles supporting the walls and roof.

Four more holes along one of the short sides indicate where the door used to be.

Other holes outside its circumference probably held poles supporting some kind of baldachin.

House of Romulus, Palatine Hill, Rome

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