Santa Maria delle Grazie or Icona Passatoria Sanctuary Amatrice

Santuario dell'Icono Passatoria Amatrice

Better known as the Icona Passatoria Sanctuary, the Santa Maria delle Grazie Church is located in the Ferrazza suburb of Amatrice.

I wrote the original version of this page long before the disastrous earthquakes of 2016 and 2017, which severely damaged the church. Fortunately it did not collapse, but it is being held up by scaffolding, both inside and outside. The church cannot be visited right now.

Icona Passatoria Sanctuary Amatrice (Ferrazza suburb)

Useful information

Santuario dell'Icono Passatoria Amatrice
The Icona Passatoria Sanctuary is located in the Ferrazza suburb.

The address of the Santuario Santa Maria delle Grazie detta Icona Passatoria is Località Ferrazza – 02012 Amatrice.

History and description

The Santuario is located in the Ferrazza suburb to the east of downtown Amatrice. The church was built toward the middle of the 14th century, around a temple-like edicola in which a Madonna effigy from the 13th century was kept.

What to see

The interior is richly decorated with frescoes. Most of these were painted by the local artist Dionisio Cappelli.

The highlight is the “Madonna and Child on the Throne”. The child is holding up a miniature version of Amatrice.”

A second fresco on the right pillar depicts the “Madonna with Child on the Throne between the Angels and Sant’Antonio Abate and Santa Lucia.”

Icona Passatoria Sanctuary Amatrice

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