Jewish Museum Rome (Museo Ebraico)

The Jewish Museum (Museo Ebraico) in Rome is part of the complex containing the city’s monumental synagogue. It was opened in 1959 in order to create an environment where the religious objects collected by the Jewish community of the city could be displayed. Apart from the permanent one there is also often a temporary exhibition.

Jewish Museum Rome

Useful information

Address: Lungotevere de’ Cenci – Rome. Phone: +39 06 68400661. Opening hours and admission: At the moment the museum is closed because of the Covid pandemic.

History and description

The collection is exhibited inside the Tempio Maggiore.

The Museo Ebraico was reopened in 2005, after a thorough reconstruction. At present it consists of 6 rooms and the collection is displayed in such a way that it explains the 2000 years of Jewish history in Rome.

  • Room 1: Exhibits a number of the 800 textiles in possession of the museum, ranging from the times of the Ghetto until the 18th century.
  • Room 2: Medieval manuscripts and inscription on grave stones originating from the catacombs and from the Synagogue in Ostia Antica.
  • Room 3: Dedicated to religious studies, the Sabbath and the annual Jewish festivities. Objects related to the various feasts and cycles are exhibited.
  • Room 4: Silver and polychrome marble objects as well as precious textiles that were donated to the Synagogue in Rome by the Jews of the ghetto.
  • Room 5: A video is shown, with interviews and historical news fragments dealing with the deportation of the Jews during the fascist era.
  • The Jewish Museum ends in a hallway, the first part of which deals with everyday Jewish life in the ghetto and the second half the decorations in the Cinque Scole. These Cinque Scole were 5 small synagogues gathered in one building.

Museo Ebraico, Roma

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