Lanterna Genoa & Lighthouse Museum

The Lanterna is a lighthouse in Genoa. The building is 76 meters high, making it the second tallest lighthouse in Europe. The current structure was built in 1543. At the base of the tower is the Museo della Lanterna. The lighthouse is considered the symbol of the city. It is the 5th tallest one in the world.

Lanterna Genoa

Useful information

Lanterna Genoa sunset
The Lanterna at sunset

Address: Via alla Lanterna – 16126 Genova. Telephone: +39 349 2809485. Opening Hours: Every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday from 14:30 to 18:30. Closed: December 25, January 1. The visit includes the Lanterna itself, the promenade, the defense works and the park. Entrance fee: 6 Euro. Children under 6 and disabled people: Free. Entry to the first terrace is free. It is not necessary to make a reservation. In bad weather the lighthouse may not be accessible. A visit to only the park costs 2 Euros.

History and description

Lanterna Genua

Although the Lanterna was originally built in the Middle Ages (1128), the current construction dates back to 1543.

The lighthouse stands on a 40 meter high rock. Climbing the 172 steps to the first terrace one is rewarded with a magnificent panorama over the harbor and the historic center of the city. Those who would like to go all the way to the top would have to climb 365 steps. However, this is not allowed for tourists. Weather permitting, its light is supposed to be visible from a distance of up to 50 kilometers. The building has a square base.

The Lanterna is connected to the Terminal Traghetti (“Ferries”) by a pedestrian path that runs 800 meters along the 17th and 18th century walls of the city.

The red cross with the crown above it that can be seen on the tower is the coat of arms of the city.

Because of the creation of new terminals and piers, the lighthouse is now further from the coast than it used to be.

Lighthouse Museum Genoa

In the museum at the foot of the building one can see 150 short movies in which Genoa residents tell the history of the city. This history is highlighted through old maps, paintings, photographs and scale models. Old tools and machines are also on display.

Lanterna Genoa

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