Lateran Palace Rome

The Lateran Palace (Palazzo del Laterano) is located next to the Basilica of St. John of the Lateran in Rome and was the official residence of the Pope until the early 14th century. It is also known as Palazzo Lateranense.

Lateran Palace Rome

Useful Information

Palazzo Lateranense Rome
Palazzo Lateranense

The address of the Palazzo del Laterano is Piazza di San Giovanni in Laterano, 6 – Roma. Bus: 16, 51, 85, 87, 186. Metro: San Giovanni.

History and Description

Porta Palazzo Lateranense Rome

The Palazzo del Laterano was built a long time ago. It existed as far back as the Roman Imperial period and served as the Papal seat for about a thousand years. (The last Pope to have his residence there was Benedetto XI, who died in 1304.)

It is the current seat of the Historical Museum of the Papal State (Museo Storico dello Stato Pontificio). It has diplomatic immunity, since it is under the jurisdiction of the Pope.

Originally it was part of a larger complex, which included the Basilica, the Baptistery and the Papal Palace with the Holy Stairs (Scala Santa) and the Papal Sancta Sanctorum Chapel.

The Triclinio Leonino is next to the Holy Steps and in the square in front of the palace is the Obelisco Lateranense.

This complex was a kind of citadel around the Palazzo del Laterano. It began at the Porta Asinaria and the Aurelian Wall and ended at the Castrum (a kind of barracks) near the Santi Quattro Coronati Church. In dangerous situations, the Pope retreated here.

Palazzo del Laterano, Rome

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