Lazzaretto Nuovo Venice

Lazzaretto Nuovo is one of the islands in the laguna of Venice. It can only be visited at certain times of the day. Reservations are obligatory.

Lazzaretto Nuovo Venice

History and description

Lazzaretto Nuovo Venice
Lazzaretto Nuovo

The island of Lazzaretto Nuovo serves as a Benedictine monastery. From 1468 there was a “new” lazaret, to distinguish it from the Lazzaretto Vecchio near the Lido. Where the old one actually served as a hospital, the Lazzaretto Nuovo was used preventively, to quarantine the crew of ships that were suspected of having an outbreak of the plague.

As documents and objects found during excavations show, the island fulfilled this function for about three centuries.

The exhibit features finds made during excavations at Campo Santo. These bear witness to the history of health care and especially the plague that used to affect Venice in the past.

What to see

The Tezon Grande is a 16th century building, where original drawings and writing can still be seen on the walls.

The tour of the island takes you past two vere di pozzo (“wells”), one of which is decorated with a lion and dates back to the 16th century.

In the Castello del Polvere Est, built in the same century, one can see ceramic, bronze and glass objects. Also on display are historical models of Venetian ships, plus tools that were used on board. There are also documents related to shipping.

During Napoleon‘s rule, the Lazzaretto Nuovo was used for military purposes. The double walls with sentries and bastions are still intact.

Practical information

Address: Isola del Lazzaretto Nuovo – 30141, Venezia (tel. +39 0412444011). Official website: Public transport: Vaporetto 13 from Fondamente Nuove. Opening hours: From April to October at 09:45 and on 16:30. Reservations must be made in advance if you wish to visit the island with a group or at a different time.

Lazzaretto Nuovo island, Venice

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