FL trains in Rome (local railway transport)

The local train system in Rome consists of eight lines. These used to be called “regional trains”, but are now known as FL (Ferrovie Laziali) lines. The FL trains are very cheap, but also very slow. Strictly speaking, they are not local, but cover the province of Rome (and sometimese even beyond).

FL trains in Rome (local railway transport)

General information

Although the FL trains are really commuter trains, but in some instances can be useful for tourists as well. This often depends on where your accommodation is. The best example is the FL1 train, which goes to Fiumicino airport. It is a lot slower than the Leonardo Express, which only takes 30 minutes. However, it has a stop at the Trastevere railway station, so if your accommodation is in the Trastevere neighborhood, you don’t have to travel to Termini first to catch your train, and in the end you actually save time.

Note that on the Ferrovie Statali departure and arrival schedules, the FL trains are indicated as Regionale.

Tickets for FL trains

It is best to buy your tickets online in advance. Smaller stations often do not have ticket offices. There are vending machines, but there is no guarantee that these will actually work. If the station has a cafe, tabacchaio or newspaper stand, you will be able to buy the ticket from them (but not early in the morning or late at night). If not, find one near the station.

On regional trains, it is not possible to book your seat beforehand. You will just have to board and hope there are seats (usually there are), otherwise you might have to stand in the aisle.

The tickets have to be validated before you board the train. You do this in small yellow machines in the waiting room or (though not always) on the platforms.

The FL train lines

FL1 (Orte/Fara Sabina – Fiumicino Aeroporto)

The FL1 train runs from Orte, a small town located about 78 kilometers north of Rome, to the airport of Fiumicino. It does not stop in Termini, but if you are staying anywhere near the stations of Tiburtina, Tuscolana, Ostiense or Trastevere, you can gain time by taking this train to the airport.

FL2 (Tivoli – Roma Tiburtina)

The FL2 train leaves from Tiburtina and travels to Tivoli. Note that the Tivoli railway station is outside the historical center, so you will still have a bit of walking to do if you want to visit the Villa d’Este. The FL2 does not stop in Termini.

FL3 (Cesano/Viterbo – Roma Ostiense)

The FL3 train travels between Roma Tiburtina and Viterbo. It does not stop in Termini. This train is the best way to get to the beautiful city of Viterbo itself, but also to Bracciano and Anguillara.

FL4 (Castelli Romani – Roma Termini)

The Castelli Romani are a bunch of small, but sometimes very picturesque hill towns. After Frascati, line 4 branches off either towards Velletri or towards Albano Laziale. Note that this train usually leaves from one of the tracks further into Termini. Also note that this train stops in the town (but not the airport) of Ciampino. If your destination is the airport, it is way more convenient to take a bus directly from Termini.

FL5 (Civitavecchia – Roma Termini)

The FL5 train is very useful, because it takes you to the Civitavecchia cruise harbor. Note that this train usually leaves from one of the tracks at the right end of the platforms (25 to 29). This means an extra 10 minute or so walk inside the station.

FL6 (Roma Termini – Cassino)

The FL6 train travels south to Cassino. There are several interesting cities on the way, such as Anagni, Ferentino and the provincial capital Frosinone.

FL7 (Roma Termini – Minturno Scauri)

The FL7 runs from Termini to the province of Latina. There are several interestinf towns on its route, including the provincial capital itself and the beautiful beach town Sperlonga.

FL8 (Roma Termini – Nettuno)

The FL8 train goes to the beach towns Anzio and Nettuno.

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