Logge del Papa Siena

The Logge del Papa are situated near the Palazzo Piccolomini in Siena. The position is not a coincidence, since the Logge were constructed by order of Pope Pius II, who was a member of the Piccolomini family.

Logge del Papa Siena

Useful information

Logge del Papa Siena
Logge del Papa

The monument, which can be seen from outside, is located between the Via Banchi di Sotto and the Via di Pantaneto).

History and description

The Pope had had the Logge constructed as a gift to his own family. They were built around 1462, by the local sculptor and architect Antonio Federighi. it took him less than a year to finish the construction.

The Logge consist of three marble arches, supported by columns with Corinthian capitals.

What to see

The inscription on the architrave PIUS II PONT MAX GENTILIBUS SUI PICCOLOMINEIS means something to the tune of “From Pope Pius II for the Family of Piccolomini”.

On the Via di Pantaneto side of the monument, you can see several coats of arms with the Piccolomini symbols (five half moons with the opening on the top).

Logge del Papa, Siena

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