Loggia di Braccio Perugia

The Loggia di Braccio (or the Loggia di Braccio Fortebracci) is built against one side of the San Lorenzo Cathedral, the main church of Perugia. This side is located though, instead of the façade, on the central square of the city.

Loggia di Braccio Perugia

Useful information

Address: Piazza IV Novembre, 30, 06122 Perugia. The monument can be viewed from outside.

History and description

Loggia di Braccio - Perugia
Loggia di Braccio

The Loggia di Braccio was built in 1423 and named after its patron, Braccio Fortebracci da Montone, lord of Perugia, who had it built against his, now non-existent, residence.

It is believed that the architect was Fioravante Fioravanti of Bologna.

Four of the five original arches of the Loggia can still be seen. One of them is partially closed. They are supported by octagonal columns.

Remnants of the base of the bell tower of the original cathedral can still be seen under the right-hand column. Part of the old city walls are also still visible.

On the left wall one can see the “Stone of Justice” (Pietra della Giustizia), which was used in 1234 by the city of Perugia to cancel the public debt. The original of this stone is in the Palazzo dei Priori.

Along this wall one can also see two ancient measures of length from Perugia, the “foot” and the mezza canna.

Loggia di Braccio, Perugia

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