Loggia del Consiglio Verona

The Loggia del Consiglio (or Loggia di Fra Giocondo) is a palace in the Piazza dei Signori in Verona. The palace is a highlight of Veronese Renaissance architecture in and is connected to the Casa della Pietà by an archway along Via delle Fogge.

Loggia del Consiglio Verona

Address, opening hours and entrance fee

Adres: Piazza dei Signori – 37121 Verona. Telefoon: +39 0459288611. Openingsuren en toegangsprijs: De Loggia del Consiglio is niet voor toeristen toegankelijk.


Loggia del Consiglio Verona
Loggia del Consiglio

The Loggia di Fra Giocondo was built towards the end of the 15th century to house the Consiglio dei Cittadini Illustri (“Council of Venerable Residents”). It ruled the city along with the Podestà, the Capitanio and the Venetian Republic.

The name Loggia di Fra Giocondo is based on an erroneous attribution made in the 19th century to this priest/architekt.

During the 19th century the palace was used for a while as a Pinacotheque.

Today it is the seat of the Provincial Council.


The facade is characterized by a lower part of multicoloured marble, which consists of a loggia built in 1476 with eight graceful arches. Above this is the first floor, which is decorated with medallions and Emperor’s profiles on a golden background.

The statues crowning the palace represent famous inhabitants of Verona in Roman times. They were placed there just after Venice had taken over power in the city. Since Venice did not have a Roman past, this was Verona’s way of saying that it had a greater past than its new usurper.

The two high reliefs on the central part of the facade by Gerolamo Campagna on the theme of “The Angel Who Makes the Annunciation” and “The Announced Virgin” were removed a century ago.

In 1566, the painters Bernardino India and Orlando Flacco were commissioned to make a painting depicting the “Madonna and Child between Saint Zeno and Peter, who receive a Homage from Verona in the Presence of some of the city’s dignitaries”. It still hangs in the Loggia.

Loggia di Fra Gioconda, Verona

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