Loggia dei Lanari Perugia

The Loggia dei Lanari is situated in the Piazza Matteotti in Perugia. Behind the building, from a wide terrace, one can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of Monte Subasio and Assisi. It serves as the headquarters of the city’s tourist office.

Loggia dei Lanari Perugia

Useful information

The address of the Loggia dei Lanari is Piazza Matteotti, 18 – Perugia. The phone number of the IAT (Informazione ed Accoglienza Turistica) is 075 5736458 or 075 5772686 and it is open from 09:00 to 19:00.

History and description

Loggia dei Lanari Perugia
Loggia dei Lanari

The Loggia was built in the 14th century by the Guild of Wool Artists. “Wool” is lana in Italian. The square was then called the Piazza del Sopramuro and was surrounded by centuries-old buildings.

In 1932, when the new city market was built, the Loggia was reopened and today it houses the Tourist Office of Perugia.

The square itself is built on an ancient Etruscan wall that had been constructed as a safeguard against landslides.

Loggia dei Lanari – Perugia

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