Loggia dei Militi Cremona

The Loggia dei Militi is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Cremona. It is in this building that the city’s most important personages during the Middle Ages used to meet. The two statues of Hercules under the portico hold up the city’s coat of arms.

Loggia dei Militi Cremona

Useful information

Address: Piazza del Comune – Cremona. The monument can be viewed from outside.

History and description

Loggia dei Militi Cremona
The sculpture group below the Loggia is considered a symbol of the city.

There is an inscription on the façade of the Loggia dei Militi. This tells that the building was built in 1292 and used to be the meeting place of the Società dei Militi. This was a pre-existing community of the wealthier inhabitants of the city, and took military and social decisions.

The city’s flags and important documents were also stored in the Loggia.

As was the custom in Lombard architecture at the time, the building consisted of two spaces one above the other.

The lower part of the façade is characterized by a portico with pointed arches, while the upper part alternates triforas and pointed arches.

What to see

The group of statues below the portico is considered a symbol of the city. The group consists of two statues of Hercules holding up the city’s coat of arms. According to legend, Hercules was the founder of Cremona. This emblem of the city was originally located on the Porta Margherita. After this city gate was demolished, it was moved to the Loggia dei Militi.

Loggia dei Militi Cremona

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