Loggia dei Mercanti Ancona

The Loggia dei Mercanti is a historic building in Ancona. It is here that the merchants used to display their wares and settled price and conditions. Today it is a cultural center. Pellegrino Tibaldi was responsible for most of the paintings.

Loggia dei Mercanti Ancona

Useful information

Address: Via della Loggia, 34 – Ancona. Opening hours: From 08:45 till 12:45 (Tuesdays also 15:00 till 16:00). Closed: Saturdays and Sundays.

History and description

The Loggia dei Mercanti was the place where merchants from all parts of the Mediterranean gathered to endorse contracts and display their wares.

The palace was constructed between 1392 and 1443. The original project was by Moccio Senese, but it was Giovannia Pace (nicknamed Sodo) who finished its construction.

The Gothic façade from 1459 has a Venetian appearance and was designed by Giorgio Orsini da Sebenico.

After a fire severely damaged the building (1556), Pellegrino Tibaldi was commissioned to restore and decorate the Loggia.

The building is now owned by the Camera di Commercio and is used for various cultural events.

Loggia dei Mercanti, what to see

Statue above facade Loggia dei Mercanti Ancona
“Attacking Knight”, above the entrance.

The main hall of the building is entirely decorated with paintings by Pellegrino Tibaldi, with the Salvatore in Gloria (“Savior in Glory”) in the central part of the ceiling and further personifications of various virtues everywhere.

Tibaldi was also responsible for the three huge plaster statues in the corners of this room, representing “Faith”, “Charity” and “Hope”.

A fourth statue personifies “Religion” and was made by Varlé in 1776. This was a replacement of a statue by Tibaldi that had broken down in 1710.

The haut-relief above the entrance gate depicts the “Knight in Attack” and is the symbol of 15th century Ancona.

Loggia dei Mercanti Ancona

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