Lost Luggage Rome

It happens fairly often that passengers arriving at the airports of Ciampino and, especially, Fiumicino in Rome find themselves with their luggage somewhere unknown. Especially since Fiumicino took over a great part of the flights that used to be based in Milan’s Malpensa airport this has become a regular occurrance.

Lost Luggage Rome

Ciampino and Fiumicino Airports

Your first action when this happens to you should be to go the Lost and Found department at the airport. In Italian this is called Oggetti Smarriti and it can be found in the hall where your luggage should have arrived.

Your airline company is responsible for your luggage and for having it dropped off at your hotel or bed and breakfast in Rome, so always make sure that you have the address and phone number of your hotel or B&B on hand. Especially in the case of B&B’s and Airbnb‘s this is to be recommended, since there is usually no reception desk and the owners are not always around either.

Do not take anything for granted. You will be assured that you will have your luggage back within 24 hours, but this is rarely the case and it can take up to several days before you will be able to brush your teeth or put on clean underpants. Remember that the law says that, in case you have to wait more than 24 hours for your luggage, the airline company will have to reimburse you for the necessities you needed to purchase, so do remember to keep your receipts.

Train stations

Those who lose their luggage at one of Rome‘s railway stations will have to go to the general Lost and Found office (Via Circonvallazione Ostiense, 191). This is not in the center of town so you had better call first. Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 08.30 till 13.00 and Thursday from 08.30 till 17.00. Phone: +39 06 67693214 or 67693217.

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