Lubriano city guide

Lubriano, with no more than around 900 inhabitants, is one of the smaller towns in the province of Viterbo. It is located east of the Lago di Bolsena on a tuff stone hill overlooking the surrounding area.

Lubriano city guide

Tourist information

Province: Viterbo. Region: Lazio. ZIP Code: 01020. Phone: (+39) 0761. Town hall: Viale Primo Maggio, 6.

By car/public transport

The company Co.Tra.L provides direct bus connections to Orvieto and Viterbo. There is no railway station in Lubriano.

Whoever is driving from Rome had best follow the E35 highway till Baschi and then take the SP98 followed by the SP55. From Viterbo you take the SP5 to Cava and then the SP6.

Tourist attractions

Medieval tower Lubriano
Medieval tower

The most important attractions of the city are the San Giovanni Battista Church, which contains a number of 13th century frescoes and the Santa Maria del Poggio Church, with an altar surmoiunted by a baldachin.

The main non-religious building is the Palazzo Bourbon del Monte.

There is a medieval tower in the historical center.

A brief history of Lubriano

Tombs dug out into the volcanic tuff stone indicate that the area was already inhabited in the 7th century BC.

The Romans conquered the area in 265 BC.

During the Middle Ages the Visigoths, the Goths and the Lombards all invaded the territory.

After Charlemagne’s arrival in Italy, the village came to be church property.

The earliest (1074) documents mentioning Lubriano indicate that the village was owned by the Monaldeschi family from Orvieto. Also in subsequent centuries, the history of Lubriano remained tied to the one of Orvieto. The territory was often the staf of bloody battles between cities fighting for its ownership.

Toward the end of the 17th century, an earthquake completely changed the landscape and Lubriano became separated from neighboring Bagnoregio.

Events and festivals

No information available.

Lubriano, province of Viterbo

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