Madonna del Monte Church Sutri

The Madonna del Monte Church in Sutri is also called Santa Maria del Monte. The church stands on the outskirts of town, in the garden of the Villa Savorelli.

Madonna del Monte Church Sutri

History and description

The Chiesa di Santa Maria del Monte was built in the 18th century, commissioned by the Muti-Papazzurri family. In order to do so, the family had to ask permission from the bishop. It was allowed, but there was a condition. Although the future church was built on private land, the common people had to have access to it.

The church gives off an extremely austere impression, with a Baroque facade sandwiched between two bell towers. The floor plan is that of a Greek cross. Since there was not very much space in the garden of the villa, it is only a small church, with a single nave.

The Madonna del Monte Church has two chapels. The vaults of the ceiling are frescoed by Gaetano Sardi. The theme of the cycle is solitude.

Santa Maria del Monte Church, Sutri

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