Madonna del Pozzo Chapel Spoleto

The Cappelletta della Madonna del Pozzo is a small church in Spoleto. It is incorporated in a palace at the end of Via Monterone.

Madonna del Pozzo Chapel Spoleto

Useful information

Address Cappelletta della Madonna del Pozzo: Via Monteorne, 6 – Spoleto.

Madonna del Pozzo Church Spoleto
Madonna del Pozzo Church

History and description

The well in front of the altar of the Madonna del Pozzo Chapel is supposed to have supplied healing water. It was especially beneficial for people afflicted by rabies. It is because of this well that the chapel was built.

In the middle of the chapel there is a 14th century fresco which depicts the “Madonna with Jesus blessing and Saints John the Baptist and San Pietro Martire”. The latter is represented in the iconic manner, with his head bowed, the symbolic palm of his martyrdom and a book.

The paintings on the side walls date from the 17th century. On the right one can see “Saint Francis and Sant’Antonio da Padova” (who was canonized in Spoleto), and on the left the “Saints Pietro and Paolo”.

The Lord himself is depicted on the vault.

The last restoration took place in 1963.

Madonna del Pozzo Chapel Spoleto

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