Madonna di Quintiliolo Sanctuary Tivoli

The Madonna di Quintiliolo Church stands on a hill just outside the center of Tivoli. The sanctuary is built in a neo-classical style. From the church square there is a beautiful view of the medieval part of the city.

Madonna di Quintiliolo Sanctuary Tivoli

Useful information

Santuario Madonna di Quintiliolo Tivoli
Santuario della Madonna di Quintiliolo

Address: Via Maria SS. di Quintiliolo, 4 – 00019, Tivoli. Phone: +39 0774 330312.

History and description

The Santuario della Madonna di Quintiliolo has an austere facade. The interior consists of a single nave with two side chapels.

The church square was constructed in 1935.

Several paintings and the organ were lost in a fire in 1992.

Madonna di Quintiliolo icon

"Madonna di Quintiliolo" icon, Tivoli
“Madonna di Quintiliolo”

The church is dedicated to the “Madonna del Quintiliolo” icon, which, according to local lore, was found by chance by a plowing farmer. Every year on the 1st Sunday of May, this image is carried in a procession to the Cathedral, to be returned on Sept. 8.

Santuario Della Madonna di Quintiliolo, Tivoli

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