Madonnina Church Celano

Also called Santa Maria Fontis Coeli, the Church of the Madonnina is located in Celano in Abruzzo. The decorations include a number of 16th century paintings.

Madonnina Church Celano

Useful information

Address: Via San Vittorino, 9, 67043 Celano.

History and description

Madonnina Church Celano
Chiesa della Madonnina

The Chiesa della Madonnina was built in 1621. It is located on the foothills of Monte San Vittorino, more precisely on a spot called the Fonte Coeli, where people used to worship an image of the Madonna painted on the rocks.

The land on which the church was built had been donated to the Brotherhood of San Rocco by Don Giralomo Corsignani in the same year.

The portal dates from the 18th century.

To the right of the fa├žade is a bell tower.

The church consists of a single nave.

What to see

The richly decorated altar is graced by an aedicula with the “Madonna de Fonte Coeli” and paintings from the 16th century depicting scenes from the “Nativity of Jesus”.

Madonnina Church Celano

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