Magliano Sabina travel guide

The city of Magliano Sabina can be found in a hilly area (the Monti Sabini) in the northern part of the province of Rieti, close to the Umbrian border.

Magliano Sabina travel guide

Useful information

Tourist information: There is no office, the town being too small to have one, but you can supposedly get information by calling +39 0744 910336-2.

Town hall: Piazza Garibaldi, 4 – 02046 Magliano Sabina. Phone: +39 0744 910336.

Tourist attractions

Cathedral Magliano Sabina

Roman monuments

The entire territory of the municipality is strewn with ruins of various Roman ruins.


The Cathedral of San Liberatore was constructed in the 15th century. This church contains multipe frescoes dating back to the 17th century. It is otherwise known as the Cattedrale dei Sabini.

The oldest church of the city is the 12th century Church of Saint Peter. It was constructed in a Romanesque style and consists of three naves.

The Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie was constructed in the 13th century. The complex includes a proto-Roman crypt.

Historic buildings

The Palazzo Vannicelli is the current town hall of Magliano Sabina.

The Palazzo Vescovile (“Bishop’s Palace”) was built in 1593.


The Museo Civico Archaeologico consists of three floors and is housed in the Palazzo Gori (Via Sabina, 19; phone: +39 0744 910001).

Magliano Sabina special events

Novello in Cantina: A two day festival celebrating the arrival of the new “novello” wine, in 2011 taking place in the first weekend of November.

A brief history of Magliano Sabina

Magliano Sabina was founded in Roman times.

The city was property of the Abbey of Farfa during the Middle Ages.

The Holy See took over in the 14th century.

In the 15th century Magliano was conquered by Francesco Sforza.

After having been reconquered by Braccio di Montone, who fought for Pope Alexander VI, the latter raised it to the rank of city.

Its status as an important economic center in the area was lost, when Pope Sixtus V at the end of the 16th century, ordered a diversion of the river running past the city. The prosperity of Magliano had been mostly owing to its river port.

How to get to Magliano Sabina by car

The city is located next to the A1 highway.

Magliano Sabina, province of Rieti

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