Medieval towers of Bologna

Not all of them survived intact, but during the Middle Ages, Bologna was characterised by a large number of city towers. While these were mostly of a defensive nature, there were also some whose sole purpose was to show the power of their owners.

Medieval city towers Bologna

Torre Accursi or Torre dell’Orologio

The Torre Accursi is located in the Piazza Maggiore. Another name for this tower is the Torre dell’Orologio. The tower owes its name to its first owner, who had come to Bologna from Florence to study law. The tower is part of a larger complex.

Torre Lambertini

Torre Lambertini Bologna
Torre Lambertini

The Torre Lambertini was originally a tower house of the family after which it was named. It later became part of the Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo. To get a good view of the tower, one should look from Via Rizzoli towards the Palazzo Re Enzo or the Palazzo del Podestà at the level of Via Caduti di Cefalonia.

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