Metro line C Rome

Metro Line C is Rome‘s third metro line and is also referred to as the “green line.” The first part of the line was opened on November 9, 2014, and the entire line was supposed to have been extended to the Fori Imperiali stop in the year 2020. For tourists, the line is not very important for now, since it starts at San Giovanni and ends in a small suburb east of the city border.

Metro line C Rome


Metro line C Rome
Metro line C stop

When the entire line will be finished, the total length of Metro Line C is going to be more than 25 kilometers. There will be 30 stops. Currently there are 22 stops in operation. No money has yet been found for the rest of the route. For now, the first and last stops are San Giovanni and Monte Compatri, a small community outside the Roman city limits.

A lack of money is not the only problem. Digging has to be done, and wherever there is digging in Rome, some archaeological ruins will turn up. Multiple stops have already had to be cancelled and the construction of others has been considerably delayed. At San Giovanni, for example, they have become the remains of an ancient Roman barracks.

The trains on metro line C are driverless.

Opening times and tickets

Castello di Torrenova Rome
The Castello di Torrenova is located across the road from the metro stop of that name.

Opening hours, like those of the other metro lines, are from 05:30 to 23:30, except on Friday and Saturday when the last train starts running at 01:30 at night. Tickets cost 1.50 Euros. Opening hours and fares are those of the entire public transport system.

Stops on metro line C Rome

The stops on line C are as follows. The important sights and other details at the stations are indicated in parentheses. Trains are o currently running back and forth between the San Giovanni and Montecomprati-Pantani stations.

Nog Niet in Gebruik

Originally there was supposed to have been another stop, at the Largo di Torre Argentina, but due to archaeological remains found there, this plan was called off.

History Rome Metro Line C

The first section of line C, between Monte Comprati and Parco di Centocelle, was inaugurated in 2014. A year later followed the section between Mirti and Lodi, the provisional terminus. Since then, the metro has only reached the next stop, San Giovanni.

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