Santi Michele e Magno Church Rome (Frisian Church)

The Church of Santi Michele e Magno is the Dutch national church in Rome and is also known as the Church of the Frisians. It is located on the Palazzuolo, another name for the northernmost part of the Gianicolo Hill.

Santi Michele e Magno Church Rome (Frisian Church)

History and description

The church is named for a 3rd century Frisian martyr. Some churches in the Dutch province of Frisia are also dedicated to this Magnus.

In 1989 this small church was given on loan to the Dutch community in Rome, and in 2000 (the Jubilee, or Holy Year) a monument was created at the, till then rather forgotten, Holy Steps. This monument was made from stones taken from a number of Frisian parishes.

The Frisian church has been a popular destination amongst Dutch pilgrims since the 9th century.

It was once partially destroyed after a battle between imperial and papal troops.

The Frisian church is on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list. It can be visites on Sundays before the 10 o’clock mass and on Wednesdays (10 AM – 12.30 PM). Amiable Dutch volunteers offer free guided tours as well as coffee and cookies.

Santi Michele e Magno Church Rome

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