Milliarium Aurium Rome

The Milliarium Aureum is a monument in the Roman Forum in Rome. Unfortunately, not much more than a fragment of the base remains.

Milliarium Aurium Rome (in Roman Forum)

Pratrical information

Milliarium Aurium Rome
Milliarium Aurium

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History and description

The Milliarium Aureum is a gilded bronze-covered column, placed in the Roman Forum in the year 20 BC by order of Emperor Augustus.

Milliarium Aureum means “Golden Milestone” and Augustus, when he had assumed the task of “administrator of the streets” (curator viarium), had it placed near the Rostra.

The pillar indicated the point where all the streets of the Empire began. It therefore had inscriptions, also gilded, on it indicating how far the main cities of the Empire were from Rome.

The starting point, however, was not the column itself, but the gates in the Servian Walls.

What to see

Unfortunately, no more remains of it than a part of the base, located at the foot of the Temple of Saturn. The fragment is decorated with a palm tree.

Millarium Aurium Rome

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