Miscellaneous attractions Perugia

Apart from its churches, museums and historical buildings, Perugia has many other attractions. However, not all of these are easy to categorize. This list gives an overview of the city’s main other points of interest.

Other attractions in Perugia

Fontana Maggiore

Fontana Maggiore Perugia
Fontana Maggiore

The Fontana Maggiore (literally: the “Greatest Fountain”) is one of the city’s most important monuments and is counted among the masterpieces of medieval sculpture. The fountain dates back to the 13th century and was designed by father and son Pisani.

Santa Elisabetta Mosaic

Santa Elisabetta Mosaic Perugia
Orpheus and his Lyre

The Santa Elisabetta Mosaic is located in the Chemistry Faculty of the University of Perugia and is among the city’s most important monuments. It was made in the 2nd century AD and depicts a lute-playing Orpheus.

Aqueduct of Perugia

Aqueduct Perugia

In the center of Perugia stands a 13th-century aqueduct, topped by is a footpath from with a panoramic view of part of the city. This medieval monument was originally built to supply water to the Fontana Maggiore in Piazza IV Novembre.

Etruscan well

Etruscan well Perugia

The Etruscan Well in Perugia was originally intended to collect rainwater. Later, it was also used to store water from underground springs. It is almost 40 metres deep and is located at the end of Via Piccinini.

Monumental Cemetery

Perugia’s Monumental Cemetery (Cimitero Monumentale) is located in the Via Enrico dal Pozzo. It was consecrated in 1849 by Bishop Pecci, the future Pope Leo XIII. It is characterized by funerary monuments in styles ranging from classical to art deco.

Medieval Workshops

The street that connects the centre of Perugia to Monteluce shows the ruins of a number of medieval artisans’ workshops. Until the year 1000, this part of the city was still a wooded area, but from then on people started building permanent enclosures there. Gradually, the town expanded, to which the workshops bear witness.

Porta Sole Fortress

The ruins of the Porta Sole Fortress are located on top of the hill on which Perugia was built. An Etruscan acropolis was unfortunately destroyed during the construction of the fortress in the 14th century. Not much of it is left, but the view remains breathtaking.

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