Mole Antonelliana Turin

The Mole Antonelliana in Turin is a tall (167 meters) tower with a striking aluminum spire. You can take the panoramic elevator to the top for a stunning view of the city. The Film Museum of Turin is also located in the Mole.

Mole Antonelliana Turin

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History and description

Mole Antonelliana Turin
Mole Antonelliana

The Mole Antonelliana is considered to be the symbol of Turin. It was designed by the architect Alessandro Antonelli. In 1889 the last addition was made by Costanzo Antonelli, who had taken charge of the work after his father’s death.

Construction, of what initially was to become a synagogue, began in 1862. After an interruption, work resumed in 1878. First a granite chamber was placed on top of the already built section, thenwhich two new floors were added. The next addition was a conical room, topped by a series of ever smaller elements.

In 1904 a hurricane caused a lot of damage. As a result, the statue that had topped the tower till then was replaced by a star.

Half a century later, the upper part of the spire (40 meters) was again destroyed by storms. Between 1958 and 1961 this part was reconstructed, with the addition of a metal structure for reinforcement.


A panoramic elevator takes visitors to just below the chalice-shaped part of the Mole. At the top, one is rewarded with a magnificent view of the city, the Po River, and in fine weather even the Alps. The elevator takes 59 seconds to travel the 85 meters.


The Mole Antonelliana houses the Museo del Cinema.


The Italian version of the 2-Eurocent coin features an image of the Mole.

Mole Antonelliana Turin

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