Lazzaretto Ancona

Ancona - Lazzaretto

The Lazzaretto is a historical building in Ancona designed by the architect Luigi Vanvitelli. It is situates on an artificial island, where people with infectious diseases used to be quarantined. At the moment it is being used for cultural events.

Lazzaretto (Mole Vanvitelliana) Ancona

Useful information

Also called the Mole Vanvitelliana, the Lazzaretto is located on an artificial island near the city’s harbor. Address: Banchino Giovanni da Chio, 28 – Ancona. Phone: +39 071 2225038. Opening times (events): From 08:00 till 19:15. Closed: Mondays. Bus: 1, 4.

Ancona - Lazzaretto

History and description

The Lazzaretto is a rather low, pentagonal building and was commissioned by Pope Clement XII in 1733 by Vanvitelli.

The aedicula dedicated to San Rocco which is located within the structure was also built by the same architect.

The original function of the building was to quarantine people and goods from infected areas, but it was soon used for other purposes and over the centuries it served successively as a barracks, prison, hospital, customs warehouse and storehouse of the Monopolio Tabacchi.

During the Austrian occupation, which took place between 1849 and 1859, patriots were beaten with clubs in the courtyard.

Since 1977, the Lazzaretto is property of the Municipality of Ancona and hosts exhibitions and other cultural events.

Lazzaretto, Ancona

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